Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Frankie and alice Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Frankie and alice - Movie Review Example Then, she is also a left-handed, white racist female named Alice of unknown age with an IQ of 102. Finally, she is a right-handed black female named Genius, aged between eight and 12 with an IQ of 156. Ideally, the movie is about Frankie struggling to overcome Alice with the help of Dr. Oz. This paper will write a personal plan to promote re-integration of egos in a case such as the one presented in the movie. Re-integration of egos is an approach to psychiatric therapy founded on the separation and re-integration influences in the mind of a patient (Salas & Turnbull, 2010). The suggested plan for this case would employ the ego state therapy, which is a psychodynamic approach suitable for treating cognitive and behavioral problems. The key problem to be addressed here is teaching the patient to overcome her past and learn to manage her present life. The patient in the movie is seen to have developed distinct ego states in a meticulous sense, which can best be identified and named through ego state therapy. The nursing process in such a case would entail customizing the treatment to the patient’s problem. Specifically, that will not only require establishing a friendly and personal relationship with the two of the patient’s dominant alters or personas, but also her third identity, which is Genius. This intelligent third identity will also serve as the arbitrator. Because the patient is known to be forgetful and loses the concept of time, the ego state therapy will include hypnosis, which is a consciousness state that involves reduced peripheral awareness and focuses attention by enhancing responsiveness capacity to suggestions. This will enable the patient to achieve sharp focus and attentiveness, thus blocking out distraction while intensely concentrating on a particular memory or thought (Salas & Turnbull, 2010). Since hypnotic induction techniques are generally

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